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Armadillo Merino® – did you know it is naturally flame resistant?



The merino wool that we use has many unique performance properties and here we look at the fibre’s naturally occurring flame resistance (FR). This natural FR is generating interest as we are hearing more and more about the importance of fire fighter well being with growing concerns about clothing toxins. Added to this uncertainty is that to make some textiles flame resistant they are treated with a number of chemicals and should these chemically treated textiles be exposed to heat or flames they can produce hazardous gases (known as off-gassing) which may be inhaled by the wearer. With these facts in mind the naturally occurring fire resistance of the Armadillo Merino® wool looks more and more attractive.

Why is Armadillo Merino® Naturally Flame Resistant?


This flame retardant properties are due to its unique chemical structure (a high nitrogen content (14%) combined with a high relative moisture content), which displays the following beneficial properties:

  • A very high ignition temperature (570-600°C)
  • Doesn’t melt or stick upon burning, rather, it forms an insulating char
  • Self extinguishing
  • A high Limiting Oxygen Index (20- 25%) – with the LOI being a measure of the minimum % of oxygen required to sustain combustion
  • A low heat of combustion
  • A low rate of heat release
  • Evolution of less smoke and toxic gases than formed during combustion of most synthetic fibres.


What does this mean?


Wool requires higher levels of oxygen in the surrounding environment in order to burn. Wool may ignite if exposed to naked flame but it wont support the flame and will instead smoulder – usually for a short time. Take the flame away and it goes out (self extinguishing). In addition, wool’s cross-linked cell membrane structure will swell when heated to the point of combustion forming an insulating layer that prevents the spread of flame. This also means that wool produces less smoke and no toxic gas unlike synthetic fibres.

Of the commonly used textile fibres (cotton, rayon, polyester, acrylic and nylon), wool is widely recognised as the most flame resistant, as can be seen in the summary below.


FR Index



New Steiner S-Series Battle Sights


The amount of gear that modern infantry soldier carry into the field has consistently grown over the years. The new Steiner S-Series battle sights ensure that the optics contribute more performance for less weight.


These next-gen prism battle sights have it all — wider field of view, larger eye box and eye relief, faster acquisition, simple operation, unmatched optics and accuracy.

There are two sights in the series-S332 with 3x magnification and S432 with 4x magnification. Versatile enough to be utilized on carbines or machine guns, they provide shooters with a clear aiming point in all light conditions and all battlefield scenarios – from close quarter combat to medium range engagement or any situation in between with the ability to retarget instantaneously.

The compact S332 and S442, 3x and 4x magnification respectively, give shooters mid-range supremacy with astonishing fields of view of 12.9 yards and 15.4 yards at 100 meters. An unrivaled 80 mm of eye relief allows getting on target even when perfect positioning is not possible.

A large eye box and quality glass provides brilliant clarity in all environments while simple rotary digital controls located on the side make adjusting windage, elevation and reticle brightness convenient. Both sights come with the easy-to-use rapid dot reticles that are available in 7.62 and 5.56 calibrations. Additional attachment points are provided for adding lasers and other accessories.

The S-Series is designed to never fail. It is waterproof to 10 meters (33ft.), 100% fogproof (nitrogen filled) and can withstand up to 900 Gs of impact. Both sights are powered by one CR2032 battery.


Steiner: The Leader in Laser Protection


The risk from lasers


Used in both tactical and strategic scenarios, lasers are an amazing tool which provide us with critical target information be it ranging or identification. While their utility is supreme, their use does come with some risk. Each device has a warning label that cautions the user against direct exposure to the eyes. In a piece for Scientific American Douglas A. Johnson, a senior health physicist and laser safety officer for Texas A&M University pointed out the dangers of direct exposure of laser radiation. Johnson, also a member of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for laser safety standards noted exposure to lasers could result in harm to the retina, the part of the eye where we perceive vision.

A solution to the problem


Lasers can be deployed on both sides of a conflict so the threat of having one cause eye damage is a very real, but new problem. Imagine a scenario where two combatant teams are lasing each other in an attempt to range each other’s location. The person using binoculars or a scope is particularly at risk for laser radiation exposure as the optic creates a direct funnel to the eye. Steiner was the first company in the world to develop a filter coating to protect users of optics from this type of exposure.

Steiner, the world leader in laser protection technology, worked with a broad selection of its military clients from around the world during research and development of this filter. They created the technology and then applied it to the inside of lenses in binoculars. This is optimal as it does not change the dimensions or weight of the optic. Plus, it also means the filter is will still function even if the external portion of the lens is damaged. This filter comes available in two levels of protection, LPF Gen II and LPF Gen III.

LPF Gen. II: Extreme protection level

Absolutely 100% reliable protection against any laser starting at 800 nm up to max. 1.600 nm (broad band protection). Gen. II laser protection is absorbing (not reflecting) any laser impact and offers the highest security level available on the market.
At 800 nm → OD 1,2 (optical density)
At 1.064 nm → OD 4,3

LPF Gen. III: Ultimate extra protection level

In addition to the protection offered by LPF Gen II (800 – 1.600 nm) Steiner LPF Gen. III offers extra protection at 532 nm (green laser). Green lasers are typical civilian lasers which can cause significant harm to the human eye.
At 532 nm → OD 4,0
At 800 nm → OD 2,0
At 1.064 nm → OD 7,2


Outstanding performance with a new layer of protection

Steiner optics equipped with LPF Gen II and LPF Gen III still offer the same high performance and rugged durability you’ve come to expect, with an added layer of protection against evolving threats.



France expands on successful partnership with Aimpoint and Heckler & Koch


The French Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA) has awarded on the 17th of July 2018 to the
consortium Aimpoint AB / Heckler & Koch France SAS an important contract for the supply of red dot
sights for the new HK416 F French assault rifle. The contract covers the supply of up to 120,000
CompM5 sights over a period of six years. The CompM5 sight is the latest offering of the originator and
worldwide leader in reflex sighting technology Aimpoint AB. Compact, lightweight and rugged, it will
further increase the capabilities of the French soldier equipped with the new HK416 F assault rifle.


An unconventional helmet suite
for unpredictable special operations




This is the HUQ180 – a hammock underqulit. It’s an insulation for hammock sleepers and can be used as a blanket too. Have you ever spent a night in a hammock outside? Then you might already know that heat can’t be stored by using a sleeping bag only. With an underquilt you can prevent the heat loss. Whether on windy days, cool nights, or even in the winter – the HUQ 180 provides excellent protection against the cold in the back and side area.




New ACRO from Aimpoint



The Aimpoint® Acro P-1 was developed for
use on pistols and other weapon platforms
requiring a small enclosed red dot system.
It is the only sight in its size category fully
tested for shock, vibration, temperature
span and other environmental stress.
The Acro P-1 is the smallest enclosed
system on the market.

Tested with a minimum of 20,000 rounds on
a .40 cal pistol slide, this small optic has
proven to lead in ruggedness and reliability
in its category. The Acro P-1 can be used as
a backup sight for magnifying scopes,
personal defense weapons, and any area
where a small red dot system is applicable.

Unique features

• Optimized for pistol and applications which require a low profile red dot system
• Only fully enclosed system in its size on the market
• Designed for direct integration onto pistol slides
• Over 1-year battery operation on position 6 of 10
• Battery installation while optic is still mounted on weapon
• 3.5 MOA red dot
• NVD compatible
• Submersible to a depth of 25 m / 82 ft
• Temperature span -45 °C to +71 °C


Dot size:                3.5 MOA
Battery life:           More than 1 year
of use at setting 6
Battery type:        One 3V lithium
CR1225 battery
Power switch:       Push button
Weight:                  (sight only) 60 g



MALMÖ, Sweden. – Aimpoint AB, the leading manufacturer and innovator in red dot sighting
technology, has been ordered by the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) to
supply Aimpoint® Micro T-2 red dot sights including transportation bags for an amount of up to
EUR 5.5 million. The red dot sights are supplied by NSPA to the Finnish Defence Forces and
will be delivered by the end of 2018.
“We are proud that the Finnish Defence Forces have chosen the Aimpoint® Micro T-2 as a part
of their national defence development program Taistelija (Combatant)” says Lennart Ljungfelt,
President of Aimpoint AB and continues; “The Micro T-2 is an extremely reliable sight and we
know that the operators currently using that sight are very pleased. Therefore, we know that the
Finnish Defence Forces will be satisfied with their choice”.
The Aimpoint® Micro T-2 sights have been in operation with several military organisations
worldwide for several years. It is a user-friendly, soldier-tested and combat proven sight that
increases the effectiveness of the individual soldier. The attractiveness of the Micro T-2 sight
relies on its weight by just over 100 grams combined with extremely ruggedness, and an
operational life on a single battery of up to 50,000 hours or 5 years, on continuous use.
Currently, more than 1,500,000 Aimpoint® sights are already in use by military forces around
the world. The Finnish Army chose the Aimpoint products because they will increase the speed
and precision of the combatants’ use of weapon as well as the assault rifle’s usability in poor
light conditions.

MALMÖ, Sweden. – Aimpoint AB, the leading manufacturer and innovator in red dot sighting
technology, has been awarded a new contract from the Swedish Procurement Office (FMV) to
supply at first stage Aimpoint® CompM5 and Aimpoint® MPS3 red dot sights to the Swedish
Army, a contract worth over SEK 20 million. Aimpoint won the tender conducted in open
international competition.
“The Aimpoint® red dot sights have been in operational use by the Swedish Army for many
years” says Lennart Ljungfelt, President of Aimpoint, and continues; “We are proud that the
Swedish Army has once again chosen Aimpoint® products. This underlines their satisfaction
with Aimpoint and our products”
The Aimpoint® CompM5 sights is the newest red dot sight in Aimpoint product portfolio, and is
in operation with the US State Department. It is a user-friendly and extremely rugged sight that
increases the effectiveness of the individual soldier. The CompM5 sight relies on a single AAA
battery to provide a ‘constant on’ of up to 50,000 hours or 5 years.
Currently, more than 1 ,500,000 Aimpoint® sights are already in use by military forces around
the world. The Swedish Army chose the Aimpoint products because of their ability to obtain a
fast and accurate target acquisition in any type of light condition, unrivalled ruggedness, ability
to function in all types of weather conditions and outstanding long operational life on a single


ASP Debuts New Cuffs and Batons at SHOT 2018


Identifier Ultra Cuffs and Training Ultra Cuffs: The company is adding color-coded handcuffs, along with quick-release training versions to its popular Ultra Cuff series. The Ultra Cuff’s exclusive, forged construction provides increased strength, enhanced precision and faster application, yet at dramatically-reduced weight. MSRP starting at $59.
Rigid Ultra Cuffs: Also joining the Ultra Cuff collection is a new Rigid Cuff. This unibody style of restraint is favored by an increasing number of international law enforcement agencies, corrections bureaus, and others for whom maximum security and subject control is a priority. MSRP $95.
Steel Agent Batons: Concealable, lightweight batons are popular among undercover officers, detectives, plain clothes security and others who need a discreet but effective less-lethal weapon. ASP developed these new steel models at the request of a major national law enforcement agency that wanted a heavier, harder-hitting baton while maintaining the compact, pocketable form factor. MSRP starting at $125.50.
ASP Vice President of Marketing, Michael Hess, says that the company is introducing close to fifty new products in all at the SHOT Show. “We know that people come to SHOT to see what’s new,” says Hess, „and with expansion in all of our major product categories, we’re excited that we have so much to show them.”All of the new products will be on display at ASP’s booth, 11971, and all are either shipping now or expected to ship soon after the show. For more information, or to find a distributor or dealer, visit

The White House Invites Revision to Participate in “Made in America” Roundtable

Revision Military, a world leader in military and tactical solutions and protective equipment, was one of twelve companies invited to participate in the “Made in America” roundtable held in the East Room of the White House last Wednesday July 19th.  Revision CEO Jonathan Blanshay and Revision Senior Director, Legal and Government Affairs, Greg Maguire, attended the meeting, which was hosted by President Donald J. Trump.  The roundtable was organized as part of Made in America week, itself part of the Administration’s overarching America First initiative, designed to shine a light on companies, organizations, and institutions that are investing in the future of U.S. manufacturing and innovation.

“Revision has been a proud U.S. military supplier for over a decade. In this time, 100% of the equipment sold to the U.S. government has been made in the U.S.” said Jonathan Blanshay, CEO, Revision Military. “This fact is not just a point of pride; it is a firm commitment to the forces who fight for us all. While many companies across a variety of industries have moved their production and labor forces oversees, Revision has done the opposite, investing millions to advance and grow the company’s U.S. manufacturing.  Revision’s U.S. ties run deeper today than ever before, with the vast majority of our employees working in the U.S.”

Above: Revision CEO, Jonathan Blanshay (third from right), and Senior Director, Legal and Government Affairs, Greg Maguire (fourth from right) participated in the Made in America roundtable held in the East Room of the White House on July 19th, hosted by President Donald Trump (far left). 

“We’re here today to continue our celebration of American manufacturing as part of Made in America week,” said President Donald Trump at the start of the roundtable. “The leaders and innovators around this table create products that fill our homes, defend our nation and enrich our lives. And each one of these products proudly carries the label ‘Made in the USA’…Made in America is more than a label or a product…it’s a stamp of excellence.” President Trump added, “Around the world the Made in America label is the gold standard for craftsmanship, quality and artistry, and that is one more reason we have to protect it.”

Revision has seen first-hand the degree to which the Made in the USA quality is coveted in the international market, not only through demand for Revision made products, but also with widespread proliferation of imitation Revision products. The company has worked to combat these counterfeit operations with multiple sting operations at tradeshows and testifying before a U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in April 2016.




tv7806 tv7776 ba8029

A whole new concept of load carrying:

A revolutionary system connecting vest and bags together using a patented structure. Different size backpacks can be carried with the system without additional straps. The essential equipment such as ballistic plates and hydration system, radio etc. is integrated into the vest even when the backpack is off.

Special features:

  • Integrated carbon skeleton structure allows effective weight distribution, flexibility, low weight and extreme durability.
  • Dynamic straps and duty belt, allowing maximum fit for any operator.
  • Implementation of our patented FORMISSION hinge provides easy and comfortable maneuvering.
  • Quick release mechanism for backpack removal in-case of emergency and putting it back on easily without any need for adjustments.
  • Integration of the duty belt with special quick release mechanism for easily attaching the vest skeleton or remove it when needed.
  • Special materials configuration eliminates the friction with the body, minimizing injury possibility.
  • Front panel is fully removable for different configurations, under fire equipment swaps and/ or medical treatment.




L-3 Communications Corp., Londonderry, New Hampshire, is being awarded a $49,500,000 firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract with a five-year ordering period for binocular night vision devices (BNVD).  This procurement is for a follow-on contract for the next generation BNVD goggles with white phosphor tubes that focus on weight, size, and power reductions.  The BNVD will allow Special Operations Forces to operate with an enhanced visual acuity in low light conditions thereby increasing both their lethality and survivability while achieving their mission objectives.  Work will be performed in Londonderry, New Hampshire, and is expected to be completed by November 2021.  Fiscal 2017 defense procurement funds in the amount of $305,910 will be obligated at the time of contract award and funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year.  This contract was competitively procured via the Federal Business Opportunities website, with two offers received.  Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, Crane, Indiana, is the contracting activity (N00164-17-D-JQ21).

Italian Military Adopts ICS

One of the first militaries to field the ICS is the Italian Army, which is employing the sight with the Beretta ARX 200 assault rifle. The ARX 200 is chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO, which pairs well with the ballistic holdover capabilities of the ICS. The Italian Army will field the ARX 200’s as designated marksman rifles, a role for which the ICS was specifically designed.

The new ICS Intelligent Combat Sight integrates a laser rangefinder and a ballistic calculator into a rugged, compact tactical weapons sight for increased accuracy, greater first-round hit probability, and shorter time of engagement.

At the push of a button, an eye-safe laser instantly provides distance to the target, and calculates an illuminated, trajectory-compensated aiming point based on ammunition ballistics, measured distance, and angle to your target out to 800 meters. As a true electro-optical aiming device, it combines combat-optimized technology, operating simplicity in the field, and the targeting effectiveness to give small-caliber weapons oversized clout.

ics_0-1 ics-mrs-1 ics_side2

France selects the HK416 as its new assault rifle 26.09.2016
After an extensive evaluation lasting more than one year, the French Direction Générale de l’Armement has selected the HK416 as the successor of the famous „FAMAS“ assault rifle.
Heckler & Koch GmbH is honored and proud to announce that it has been officially awarded last week by the French Direction Générale de l’Armement the contract for the supply of the future French assault rifle. Known initially as the „Arme Individuelle Future“ (AIF), the selected weapon is a variant of the battle-proven HK416A5 assault rifle.
The HK416 will replace the well-known „FAMAS“ assault rifle which is no longer produced, bringing modularity and flexibility to the needs of the French military.
The contract calls for the supply over a period of 15 years of up to 102,000 5.56 x 45 mm NATO rifles, 10,767 40 x 46 mm grenade launchers, ammunition, spare parts, support services and accessories. The weapon will be available in two versions with different barrel lengths depending on the user mission and will equip all Army, Navy and Air Force personnel.
After a technical evaluation which pushed all competitors to their technical limits, the HK416 was a top performer and the cornerstone of a high performance and fully integrated weapon system.
The HK416 is a robust, reliable and accurate weapon produced in Oberndorf am Neckar, in Germany’s Black Forest region, using the finest materials including the best French steels which provide its legendary robustness. It is a user-friendly weapon that has proven its capabilities on military operations in numerous occasions.
Heckler & Koch GmbH, in cooperation with its French subsidiary Heckler & Koch France SAS, is fully committed to providing the best service and support to the French armed forces for the next thirty years.


Estonian Open Rifle 2016


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